Please note: We are unable to accept new commissions between July 2 - Oct 31.  

Can't find what you need in store? That's okay, we can make it! We turn around most commissions in less than a week. Just send us an email (include pictures), and let Mad Masks complete your costume with the perfect mask. 

Below are some examples of our recent commissions. If you're interested in purchasing one of these styles, please contact us. 

 black-canary-green-lantern-mask.jpg  bunnyx-mask.jpg         

Recent Commissions: Black Canary Green Lantern & Bunnyx

 img-7437.jpg white-rabbit-mask.jpg

Recent Commissions: Hawk Moth (fan art by: its-yaboyardee) & White Rabbit (Batman)

spiderling-mask.jpg white-tiger-mask-collage.jpg

Recent Commissions: Spiderling & Marvel's White Tiger

katana-mask-left-new.jpg blue-mage-mask-mad-masks.jpg

Recent Commissions: Katana (Suicide Squad) & Blue Mage (Final Fantasy XIV)

 multimouse-mask-cosplay-2.jpg dragon-bug-mask-cosplay.jpg

Recent Commissions: Multimouse & Dragon Bug

artemis-cosplay-mask.jpg jean-grey-cosplay-mask.jpg

Recent Commissions: Artemis Crock and Jean Grey 


Recent Commissions: Polaris and Ice (Frozer) Ladybug

aqua-ladybug-mask-collage.jpg queen-bee-miraculous-ladybug-mask.jpg

Recent Commissions: Aqua Ladybug & Queen Bee


Recent Commissions: Dr. Simon Hurt & Poison Ivy (Batman and Robin)

the-dreamer-mask-collage.jpg nightwing-mask-piccolo.jpg.jpg

Recent Commissions: The Dreamer & Nightwing Picolo style



Recent Commissions: Mysticons Masks - Arkayna, Piper, Emerald & Zarya 

dark-knight-returns-sons-of-batman-mask.jpg  green-lantern-jessica-cruz-eye-mask.jpg

Recent Commissions: The Dark Knight Returns Sons of Batman & Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

riddler-zero-year-mask-commission.jpg  black-lightning-cosplay-mask-commission.jpg

Recent Commissions: Riddler Zero Year; leather base w/textile overlay & Black Lightning

stargirl-mask.jpg wonder-woman-crown.jpg

Recent Commissions: DC's Stargirl & Wonder Woman rebirth crown

the-spirit-mask.jpg  pikachu-cosplay-mask-commission.jpg

  Recent Commissions: Will Eisner's The Spirit &  Pikachu


  Recent Commissions: Black Canary Sara &  Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal


 From left to right: Black Tie Masquerade masks, Huntress, Vampire Diaries

1966 Robin, Kara Zor-El (Red Lantern)

Tuxedo Mask (No Flutter), Madman (half mask), Yokai Big Hero 6