Why Choose Leather?

Jul 28th 2023

Are we the cheapest cosplay masks out there?  No.  Are we the most durable and comfortable you'll ever wear?  You better believe it!

We've been in business a while, since 2012.  We've been to many, many comic cons.  The one thing we hear from folks most often is that the mask that came with their cosplay/costume HURTS.  Or that it's too HOT.  This is because most masks are made of plastic (like 3D printed) or polyurethane rubber.  Both can be very uncomfortable, especially when wearing for long periods of time, like at a convention.

Call us biased, but leather is the BEST material for a cosplay mask.  It's lightweight, breathable and cool (we're talking temperature-wise).  Our masks are suede on the underside, so it's soft against your skin.  Also, unlike materials like plastic, foam and worbla, leather is made to LAST.  We have masks we made back in 2012 that are still going strong.  You'll see us wearing them at cons!  

So, before you settle for something cheaper, consider what you are really getting.  You only have 1 face.  Treat it well, and look incredible while doing it.  

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